Casino streaming has grown hugely over the past few years. Twitch and Youtube has seen the rise of hundreds of streamers, playing on thousands of casinos in multiple jurisdictions around the world. The casino affiliate market is worth Billions of Euros each year. The problem – its impossible to prove who is playing for real money, and who is lying to their fanbase and viewers in order to make profit from affiliate income. Don’t get us wrong, real money streamers make a profit from your signups and gameplay also, but they are open and honest with their gameplay and, most importantly, act in a responsible fashion.

This is where we come in. At, we will be the driving force behind self regulation in the streaming industry. The idea for this was formed from a simple thought – “If streamers are acting irresponsibly, they could kill the industry we all love”. Simply put, we are here to prove the age old streamer question – Who is real? And who is fake?

Born in 2020, and launched in 2021, we are a non-biased unaffiliated site, whose income will openly come from 2 sources. Streamers who pay a small amount to be verified (Similar to how a hotel gets a star rating) and paid for sponsorships from casinos or other parties who wish to be linked with the responsible gambling verification of the site. Due to the lack of affiliate links, lack of connection to any streamer, we will be a completely neutral site, acting only to show the viewers, the people who matter, who is legitimate.

Streamers can submit themselves for verification, and we will create a player page for each streamer who does, showing who has passed which stages of verification. If a streamer doesn’t have a page, they either dont know about the site, or dont want you to know if they are real or not. Once a streamer submits their verification documents and proof, our trained KYC and Payment team will confirm the deposits and statements of proof, and ask for any documents require. If they pass our stringent parameters, the streamer gets their first badge. We will then ask randomly after future streams for more proof, if they continue to submit and pass the tests, the badge level and trust level goes up!

We are part of the fight for a fair and responsible streaming community around the world, one set against fake money streamers, streamers who secretly own parts of the casinos they are sending you to, streamers who lie about their wealth in order to gamble excessively and show the player the joy of huge wins at stakes they likely cannot afford. This can only lead to future shutdowns of services and legal issues. The VerifiedStreamer service solves all of those problems, and gives the viewer the one thing that until now cannot ever be gained; Certainty that the people they are watching, even admire, are people that can be trusted.