Who is VerifiedStreamer.com?

We area non-biased, completely independant website, managed and run by a select group of iGaming and Gambling professionals, who want just one thing – a safe and secure streaming community.

What is a streaming community?

Streamers are casino affilaites who gamble online, but stream or broadcast their gameplay on twitch, youtube, or other online websites. They usually promote certain casinos for affilaite income or other benefits.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a person or company who promoted a specific brand or product in exchange for a monetary amount or a discount or gift of some kind. In the casino world, its usually a % of the losses of players who sign up, or a one off payment per player who signs up, or a hybrid (a mix) of both.

How did this idea come about?

Check the about us page for full information, but the simple version is that the streaming community is full of streamers all battling for a piece of the same affiliate income, and it’s gotten to a stage where there are so many fake money streamers who promote gambling irresponsibly, someone needed to do something. We felt that should be us.

Did you get help on the set up and idea of this site?

Yes absolutely. We spoke in depth with iGaming professionals, casino managers and owners of several large casinos, major affilaites and independant websites like BigWinBoard, slot providers, and streamers themselves who were very excited at finally being able to prove their legitimacy.

Why would streamers want to verify?

The fact is people want to be watching something thats both relatable and real. We have run casinos in the past, and the sheer truth is the amount of players who deposit 10,000 euros or 100,000 euros as some streamers say they do, is close to 0. The fact they claim this is real, and go on a gambling “rampage” of high stakes slots, bonus buys, is promoting irresponsible gambling. Its a form of acting on demand, and its all designed just to get the income from you signing up with casinos through their links, or advertising income from youtube. Its non-regulated by any major country, so self-regulation was needed. The streamers who play real money want to be shown to be doing so, for the exact reason that they are responsible, they deposit what they can afford to lose, they gamble (mostly!) sensibly, and they act professionally and responsibly towards their fanbase or player base.

What documents do you require streamers to send in?

This depends. We take in several factors into the verification, such as what casino they play at, what deposit method, screenshots and proof of the player page of the casino, bank records, ewallet records, and more. For obvious reasons we cannot show these records, but we will explain on the profile page of the streamer what documents we received and how they passed.

Can you verify crypto casino streamers?

Yes, but we ask for a LOT more proof than for normal currency. We ask for proof of deposits, wallet history, we check on the blockchain for transactions to and from the casinos, and where other transactions go to. Crypto casinos are growing fast, due to the popularity of the currencies, so we need to keep up to date in order to verify these methods.

What if someone sends in fake documents?

We honestly hope this happens. Of course we would expose the fact it happened, without exposing the documents. They would also be banned from verifying on the site in future. However we would not take this decision lightly, we would speak to the streamer first to ask if the documents are real and for any other information they can send.

Why do you charge streamers and why do you look for sponsorship?

This site costs money! The design, hosting, updates and staff all need paying. Luckily this is run by a team who all have other jobs, but the site will cost several thousand dollars or euros a month to run. So generating some revenue will help absorb some of those costs, and ideally make the site a break even or slight profit at some point. The site WILL NOT become a for profit site looking to make large money from affiliate income.

Why should we trust VerifiedStreamer.com?

Simply put, as we dont benefit if we lie. We gain nothing from saying someone is real or fake if they are not. The only goal here is to show the community exactly who is who they say they are, and who isn’t.