As we have mentioned in the About Us page, We are not here to make money off the streamers. We do however need to make sure we can afford to keep this site going.

Below is the amount you will pay depending on the size of your following.


first 6 months

Will expire if not continuing after 6 months
  • Average viewers under 50
  • Maximum silver status possible

Or FREE subscription ended

  • 50-100 average viewers
  • Up to Gold level possible

Site supporter

  • 100-300 average viewers per stream
  • Up to Platinum level possible

Site ambassador

Ability to contribute to the verified streamer site and processes
  • 300+ average viewers per stream
  • All badge levels possible

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Your subscription covers a set period of time (i.e 1 year) after this year it does not auto renew. We will contact you to continue working with you after that period.

Currently we only will be accepting bank transfers for simplicity and the ability to easily track and trace payments.

Small streamers will be able to use this service for free. Lifetime partners will also benefit from this service. We do charge a small fee to cover our costs, but the site is run as a non-profit service.

Quite simply… it costs us to run it. We have a small number of staff, hosting, website and domain charges to account for. As this totals a large 5 figure sum, we will never aim to make profit on this site, just run it to give something back to the igaming world.

It is very secure. Payments are bank transfers and your details are not shared with anyone. We do not take card or e-wallet payments for this reason.